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Swiss Screw Machining

The sliding headstock mechanism on Swiss machines affords them the distinct advantage over traditional machining because the part is feeding through a support ‘guide bushing’ which is directly around the machines spindle bearings, and thus the part is consistently being machined at the point of maximum rigidity.  Minimizing part deflection while maximizing barstock support are the reasons why Swiss machines are chosen for smaller complicated parts as well as long thin parts, both of which present workholding problems if produced using any other means.

Our bank of Swiss equipment contains the largest bar capacity, fastest and most accurate machines on the market today. Our M32, M16 and L20 Citizen lathes can perform simultaneous turning and milling operations on two spindles for up to 13 axes of machining capabilities and on bars from 1mm up to 32mm in diameter, making it possible for us to produce virtually any part configuration complete in one machining operation.

Simply put, there are no finer Swiss machines around.