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Super Precision Machining
The precision manufacture of spheres, aspheres, hyperbolas, parabolas, sub-miniature parts, optics and other precision components with mirror-like surfaces requires Super Precision (or Ultra Precision) machining. In addition to experience in programming and fixture design at this micron-level of accuracy, Slabe Machine’s Super/Ultra Precision department utilizes technologically advanced machine tools that have certain characteristics such as:
  • Epoxy or natural granite bases for thermal and mechanical stability
  • Hydrostatic oil bearing box-way linear axes, DC linear motors and high-speed air bearing spindles for vibration dampening, smoothness of rotational motion and dynamic stiffness
  • High-resolution linear scales and high-speed controllers with advanced drives and error compensation devices for precise axis position feedback.

Rigid machine construction allows us to produce precision components that range in size from microscopic to 52mm (bar) / 205mm (chuck).

Twin-Spindle Machines

  • MugaTurn Twin Spindle 8-Axis Machines - 1 5/8" bar capacity
  • Okuma Howa Twin Spindle Machines -2" bar capacity
  • Seibu Machines - 6" chuck capacity
  • Kummer Machines - 1 1/2" chuck capacity (CNC retrofitted)

Single-Spindle Machines

  • Amada/Wasino Super Precision GT Machines with Robot Loading - 4 5/8" chuck capacity
  • Okuma Howa Single Spindle Machines - 2" bar capacity
  • Hardinge Twin Turret Machines - 1 5/8" bar capacity
  • Hardinge Super Precision GT Machines - 2 1/2" chuck capacity
  • Prodigy Super Precision GT Machines - 2 1/2" chuck capacity
  • Omniturn Machines - 1 1/16" bar capacity
  • Bridgeport Engine Lathes - 10" chuck capacity