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Multi-Spindle Screw Machining
Multiple spindle screw machining remains a valuable option for higher volume components. While recent advances in multi-axis technology often enable CNC machines to compete with a cam machine, a properly tooled eight-spindle machine is tough to beat when it’s producing a finished part.
Our multiple spindles range in capacity up to 65mm; and because cam machines have certain tolerance limitations, they are all positioned in work cells that also contain finishing OmniTurn CNC lathes. The speed of a screw machine and the precision of a CNC lathe together create extremely productive and cost efficient manufacturing cells.

Multi-Spindle Machines

  • Acme 8 Spindle Machines .75" to 1.625" bar capacity
  • Conomatic 8 Spindle Machines .875" to 2.625" bar capacity
  • Conomatic 6 Spindle Machines 1" to 1.25" bar capacity
  • Conomatic 8 Spindle Machine 2" chuck capacity
  • New Britain 6 Spindle Machines 2" chuck capacity
  • Kummer Twin Spindle Machines 1.50" chuck capacity

Single-Spindle Machines

  • Index Screw Machines 1.0625" bar capacity
  • Index Opposed Spindle Machines .3125" bar capacity
  • Brown and Sharpe Machines .625" to 1.50" bar capacity
Multi-Spindle Screw Machine