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Dynamic Abrasive Waterjet Machining

Because we specialize in industries that require parts made from very expensive alloys; in the effort to constantly reduce costs, we utilize newer technologies such as abrasive waterjet machining in order to minimize both raw material costs and subsequent machining.
A correctly positioned high-pressure stream of water mixed with garnet (sand) traveling at velocities approaching four times the speed of sound is often a more cost effective alternative to the conventional cutting processes that utilizes cutting and shaping tools to cut and form metal.

Waterjets operate using extremely high-pressure pumps and  can cut literally any material - from glass, marble and stone to metal and plastics – completely burr-free and without introducing any thermal distortion or heat-affected zones, making them a preferable option when working with materials that are sensitive to heat or stress.
Slabe Machine's waterjet department contains both OMAX machines as well as the newest 94,000 PSI HyperJet FLOW machines with articulating 3D cutting heads, which enables us to cut complex geometries from either plate stock or fixtured workpieces without any of the taper characteristic of 'traditional waterjets'.

Abrasive Waterjet Machine Part
Partial Abrasive Waterjet Machine
Abrasive WaterJet Machine