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About Us

Founded in 1939 by Edward E. Slabe Sr., Slabe Machine has always been known as a company with a unique ability to adapt to a constantly changing marketplace and the expanding needs of it's customers. Immediately after the company's inception, Ed Slabe quickly recognized the need to specialize and by the mid 1940's he was concentrating on two things: buying machines and developing skills that could do more demanding jobs working on more difficult alloys, and building an organization that could plan for the future by anticipating the needs of its customers. With his two-prong approach, it was not long before Slabe Machine Products had made its mark as a prime source for machining of stainless, nickel alloys and other exotic metals.

Edward E. Slabe Jr. has piloted the company from the mid 1970's until the present, during which time he further honed it's reputation as an industry leader for the job-shop production of parts having the most demanding tolerances and critical quality requirements. He continued on his father's quest to constantly upgrade and maintain the machinery to the absolute highest standards as well as further penetrate into certain nitch markets that could only be serviced by shops with such high quality and efficiency.

The past ten years have also bought with it significant change in all metal cutting industries. With the advancements in six-sigma quality programs and other inventory reducing systems, metal machining has become more global and competitive, and thus the need to maintain a competitive edge through technologically advanced equipment is glaringly apparent. Also, as the time needed to deliver finished product has shrunk considerably, it has become more of a necessity to minimize as much outsourcing as possible. Therefore, Slabe Machine has evolved into a 'complete' machine shop that has equipment ranging from multiple spindle and Swiss screw machines to multi-axis turn/mill machines, horizontal and vertical machining centers as well as a wide variety of finishing equipment - over 350 pieces of production equipment in all.

Most important though is that Slabe Machine Products has never lost sight of the vision given to it by Ed Slabe Sr. in that it has refused to look at any quotation as merely a competitive bidding process. Instead, we have sought to build a relationship with each customer by carefully examining each part submitted for quotation. As a result, our philosophy of producing quality parts at reasonable prices and looking beyond the present is what has made and will continue to make our company successful.